Thursday, July 16, 2015

One Day Trip Singapore (Part 2)

At this moment I want to share another one day trip to Singapore.. 

It's happen about 1 year ago around June 2nd, 2014, and because of my experience before when using Lxxx Air, I choose Air Asia because it have good reputation as budget airlines. As usual I take the first flight of the day from Jakarta to Singapore and almost last flight from Singapore to Jakarta :).

I come to airport almost 2 hour before the departure, it's mean around 4 o`clock in the morning. But the immigration not opened yet, and it's open around 5 am, and my flight is the first international flight from T3, so there's not much queue on the immigration. 

Depature time 5:40, the sky still dark

Because lack of sleep, I slept just several minutes after take off. When I'm awake i can see the amazing sky view in the morning like the picture below.
Amazing Sky View in the morning

After arrived at Changi Int. Airport Singapore, I googling for "Candy Empire" that sell "Ovomaltine", and check the map which MRT i must use to get there. Luckily Candy Empire can be found at VivoCity and it's close to Sentosa Island, and my colleagues have meeting around there so I decide to go there and meet him there. But before I go there I've breakfast on staff canteen on Changi Airport :)

Maybe some of you ask what's Ovomaltine? it's a crunchy chocolate jam, and at that time it's very famous in Indonesia, some of my friend ask me to buy it, cause it's hard to find in Indonesia. 
As you can see on the picture below.. Ovolantine "1 Jar per person" :(
Ovolamtine... 1 Jar per Person (morning)
After meet up with my colleagues and get 3 jar of ovomaltine (thanks for my colleagues at Singapore that help me to buy it). I go to sentosa island using "Sentosa boardwalk" cause it's cheaper than using monorail and I can enjoy the view around there.
Sentosa Boardwalk

SGD $1, admission from Boardwalk

After enter the sentosa Island, I go to Universal Studio Singapore (USS) just to take some picture, buy garret popcorn (some people in Indonesia said it have great taste), go to Resort Word Sentosa, walking around Siloso Rd, Imbiah Rd, Having lunch at McD then see people playing at iFly Singapore, Walking at Siloso beach view and Palawan Beach Walk.

From Palawan Beach, I take shuttle bus to the monorail station, and because it's free to going out from sentosa Island ,I use the monorail to go to VivoCity.

Below is some picture of sentosa Island at that time :)
Decorated Egg

Universal Studio

Universal Studio Singapore


Fitness Corner @Sentosa

Playing ground ad palawan beach, sentosa island

Girls says happy B`day to her friend. :)

After coming back from Sentosa, I go to Candy Empire Again and Ovomaltine was sold out. Luckily I've got 3 jar in the morning.
Ovomaltine (noon) 

From VivoCity I go to Funan tried to looking for the cover for my Acer Liquid E380, but still can't find it :(
Central Fire Station (in front of Funan)

From Funan and I feel tired, then I decide to go to Airport, have dinner and enjoy the free facilities at the airport. When at MRT Station there's many people there and I've just realize that it's after office hour so many people in a rush, but however it's Singapore they still know how to queue :)

Rush Hour... OTW to Changi Airport

There's a incident on my way back to Changi.. I just realize that I don't buy any baggage and Jam can't enter the cabin :(

What should I do??

I've tried to keep calm, and when arrived on Changi and on the way from T1 to T3, I meet someone from Indonesia with his family and carry many bags, and I start to talk with him.
When check in I ask to the person in counter can i bring my jam to the cabin, he said that i must buy baggage for it and it cost $35, wow it's quite expensive for me. And I see the person that i meet before... then with "bold face" I ask him, can I check my bag to his baggage because i have some jam and i don't have check in baggage on my ticket, and luckily he allow my to check my baggage under his name.

To make long story short, after arrived at Indonesia. I thanks to him with giving pack of ovomaltine chocolate bar to his son.

Many thanks for your kindness Mr. Ismail.. Even we just meet at Changi, but you allow me to have my baggage check in using your name.

Arrived at Jakarta, sky already dark
Thanks for reading... that's my story for another one day trip to Singapore.. 

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