Friday, July 3, 2015

One day trip to singapore

at this chance I'll share my 1 day trip at Singapore.

around 1 year ago at May 28, 2014 I've go to Singapore to do some job from my office. 

because it's count as 1 day trip so I don't get hotel and taxi as accommodation cause what should I do just meet up with someone at airport, so my business at Singapore will finished in less than 1 hour at the Airport. 

Because of this is public holiday in Indonesia, if I use same day flight the ticket price were very high. After discussing with my boss I can go to Singapore 1 day before and stay at my cousin apartment. And luckily the person that i need to meet at Singapore can come to meet me while I'm Arrived, so I have 1 day (around 12 hour)on the next day just to enjoy Singapore .

First to make my trip more easy I used Ez-Link card, and luckily I already have it since 2013. so I just need to Top Up the value.   

To make the story short, After I finished the office duty I meet up my cousin at Expo (1 MRT Station from Changi Airport), Have some dinner then continue to their Apartment to take some rest. 

On the next day, in the morning after take some bread for breakfast and ask the transportation that I can use to go to Marina, I say goodbye to my cousin and his wife then go to Marina Bay Sands by Bus.

From my cousin apartment I have to change the Bus 2 time before arrived at Marina Bay Sands, I use 945 from bukit batok ave to Bukit Batok Central, then I take 106 to Marina Bay Sands Hotel. 

After walking crossing the Marina Bay Sands Hotel then go under the bridge, I get to Garden by The Bay and enjoy the park.

below you can see some picture that I take at Garden by The Bay, all of them taken using Acer E380 smartphone.

Garden by the Bay West Gate

Secret Life Of Trees

Marina Bay Sands
Singapore Flyer

Selfie time... :)

Garden by the bay

After walking around the garden more than 4 hours and feel pain at my shoulder , I decide to go to Bugis looking for Lunch using MRT cause it's easier and faster than Bus. While walking to the Bayfront MRT Station we can see mirror along the aisle.

Bayfront MRT Station

Bugis MRT Station
After having lunch at Fu Lu Shou complex, I'm going to Sim Lim Square looking for cover that can be used at my new phone Acer E380. After walking around Sim Lim Square, and can't find it I decide to go Funan Digital Lifestyle Mall using MRT.

From Sim Lim I'm walking back to Bugis MRT Station then take MRT to City Hall, from City Hall walking on the side of St.Andrew Cathedral to Funan Digital Lifestyle Mall. After arrived at Funan I'm continue to looking the cover for Acer E380, I've ask to almost all accessories store and Challenger (the big electronic store at Singapore), but they don't have it :(

After I can't get the cover, and it's around 4 PM. I decide to go Orchard Road, when waiting the MRT I just realize that my bag was broke because over weight. Once I get to orchard Road I take the Bus number 36 then go to Airport.

broken bag :(
Bus Schedule

After arrived at Airport, I put my bag on the scale and it shows that all day long i bring 11 Kg on my shoulder, and it's explain why I feel pain on my shoulder and my bag were broke.
11 Kg on 1 shoulder full day

After check in my bag to baggage, I'm looking for dinner on the food court at the basement.
After finished my meal I go to waiting room and wait for the boarding time.. :)

Ok... that's the end of my 1 day trip to Singapore on May 2014, hope my story can inspire you about what we can do if only have 1 day (10-12 hours) at Singapore.

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