Friday, December 13, 2013

Dispicable Me (Minion Rush) gift code

Dispicable Me (Minion Rush)
This fun game is addicted for me.. and the developer always have new idea how to improve this game.. it's make this game more fun..
with fun character and some mini games.. it's make this game more fun to play. but for some reason i'm not play this game anymore for long time.

Somehow last week my phone has problem and need to be restored to factory default and i need to reinstall all the game and application.

After reinstall this game, i'm not play it for several days.. and last night i got notification that this game has new update for Christmas.. after update i want to play and tried to get the free gift using the gift combination code.I allready search at Google but all code can't be used anymore, i think there an update for the code.

finally i tried combination code one by one and found this combination.

1. Baby 
Normal Minion - Fireman Minion - Baby Minion