Thursday, July 16, 2015

One Day Trip Singapore (Part 2)

At this moment I want to share another one day trip to Singapore.. 

It's happen about 1 year ago around June 2nd, 2014, and because of my experience before when using Lxxx Air, I choose Air Asia because it have good reputation as budget airlines. As usual I take the first flight of the day from Jakarta to Singapore and almost last flight from Singapore to Jakarta :).

I come to airport almost 2 hour before the departure, it's mean around 4 o`clock in the morning. But the immigration not opened yet, and it's open around 5 am, and my flight is the first international flight from T3, so there's not much queue on the immigration. 

Depature time 5:40, the sky still dark

Because lack of sleep, I slept just several minutes after take off. When I'm awake i can see the amazing sky view in the morning like the picture below.
Amazing Sky View in the morning

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kekuatan dari Doa (Surat Alm. Pdt. Em. Dr. Eka Dharmaputra)

(saya post Notes ini di FB pada Agustus 2013)

Setelah dari suatu ibadah hari minggu digereja.. dan kebetulan temanya tentang doa.. dan pemimpin ibadah membacakan surat dari Alm. Pdt. Em. Dr. Eka Dharmaputra sebelum beliau dipanggil pulang kerumah Bapa.

Dari surat ini saya diingatkan kembali tentang kekuatan dari sebuah doa.. dan Alm. mengingatkan bahwa jangan kita mengatakan "Saya cuma bisa berdoa", doa itu bukan hanya "cuma". Alm. bisa mengatakan begitu karena beliau bisa bertahan hidup karena doa dari ribuan orang diseluruh dunia untuk beliau. Dan beliau mengingatkan jika kita berdoa adalah minta kekuatan untuk menghadapi cobaan bukan untuk menghilangkan cobaan tersebut.

biar lebih jelas.. berikut suratnya yang saya copy dari :

Friday, July 3, 2015

One day trip to singapore

at this chance I'll share my 1 day trip at Singapore.

around 1 year ago at May 28, 2014 I've go to Singapore to do some job from my office. 

because it's count as 1 day trip so I don't get hotel and taxi as accommodation cause what should I do just meet up with someone at airport, so my business at Singapore will finished in less than 1 hour at the Airport. 

Because of this is public holiday in Indonesia, if I use same day flight the ticket price were very high. After discussing with my boss I can go to Singapore 1 day before and stay at my cousin apartment. And luckily the person that i need to meet at Singapore can come to meet me while I'm Arrived, so I have 1 day (around 12 hour)on the next day just to enjoy Singapore .

First to make my trip more easy I used Ez-Link card, and luckily I already have it since 2013. so I just need to Top Up the value.   

To make the story short, After I finished the office duty I meet up my cousin at Expo (1 MRT Station from Changi Airport), Have some dinner then continue to their Apartment to take some rest. 

On the next day, in the morning after take some bread for breakfast and ask the transportation that I can use to go to Marina, I say goodbye to my cousin and his wife then go to Marina Bay Sands by Bus.

From my cousin apartment I have to change the Bus 2 time before arrived at Marina Bay Sands, I use 945 from bukit batok ave to Bukit Batok Central, then I take 106 to Marina Bay Sands Hotel. 

After walking crossing the Marina Bay Sands Hotel then go under the bridge, I get to Garden by The Bay and enjoy the park.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Trip Pulau Bira (21-22 March 2015)

At this moment i want to share about my trip to Bira Island.

I go to this Island on 21-22 March 2015, because of invitation from my friend.
Before the story begin, I'll start with short introduce about Bira Island..

Enjoy reading and view the video (at the end of this story)

Bira Island (Pulau Bira) is an Island that located at Thousand Island (Kepulauan Seribu), Jakarta.
There's many famous island around Kepulauan Seribu like Pramuka Island, Pari Island, Tidung Island. At this time I go to Bira Island.

As we can see on the information board when arrived on this island, Bira Island actually belongs to PT. Patra Jasa, it's a company of Pertamina that have business on hospitality and property. (

But when I came to this Island on March 2015, it seems that the company not yet managed this Island, cause the building on this island is abandoned by the owner before since 2005.