Monday, December 6, 2010

My cellphone story

This story started at 2001 when I get my first cellphone (Nokia 8250). My father & I buy the cellphone at Matahari Singosaren (solo). this cellphone have very high price about 2.5 million rupiah ... and I buy my first cellphone number and use new provider (at that time) "IM3 - Indosat Multi Media Mobile " with number 0856-281-3xxx.

I used Nokia 8250 about 2 year, during that time i ever used my father cellphone (Ericsson T66) but just for a short time because it too small and my father trade it with Ericsson T68 (cellphone that have amazing price at that time about 4 million rupiah)

around 2003 My father bought for me my 2nd cellphone... Sony Ericsson P800 (my first touchscreen phone & the first time buy used cellphone). I'm very proud with that cell phone at that time.. because it have amazing price for used cellphone (about 3.5 million rupiah). we bought it at Semarang (Simpang Lima Mall) when I apply for a college.

around 2005 (mid year) I change my cellphone number to 0856-911-46xxx **(IM3 again) because I study at Jakarta so I think that should change my number.

I used SE P800 until 2006 i stop using this device because the screen was broken by my friend.
After I stopped using P800, I used T68 (from my father) until the signal totally lost around 2007. At that time I don't have much money, then I bought (again) used Nokia 8250 at roxy.

around sept 2006 I bought at roxy "recondition" CDMA cellphone Nokia 2115i(with my own saving)* this cellphone also called "HP sejuta umat" at that time and I use unpopular FWA operator at that time (StarOne) with number 021-30620xxx**. I choose this operator because it offer competitive tariff.

Jan 2009 i bought at Kuningan used Nokia cellphone E51 (with subsidy from my father) at about 2 milion rupiah.. I choose this cellphone because it have good feature... like Bluetooth, WiFi, InfraRed, HSDPA, etc.

about Agt 2010 I get prize from the office.. Acer Liquid S100E* that I get that unit from lucky door prize when outing on Jogjakarta. I used this phone just for playing game, browsing, and chatting (not for normal cellphone usage - call & sms), because I still comfortable with Nokia E51 for daily usage. For now this cellphone use Leaked Froyo OS for Acer Liquid.

Finally this is my latest cellphone (for this time) used Blackberry 9550* with PIN 3123xxxx. I bought this cellphone December 1st 2010. for now this cellphone replace Nokia E51 position. I used this phone for daily usage, chatting *(BBM & YM), email, etc.

That's all my cellphone story :)

* This device still use until this post created
** This number still active until this post created

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