Wednesday, March 24, 2010

first time B2W experience

Date : 23/03/2010
route : Kemanggisan (BiNus) - Slipi Jaya - Tomang - Cideng - Gajah Mada - Glodok - Kota - Mangga 2 Square
time : 06.27 - 07.20 (53minutes)
condition : sunny

first time B2W to office..
actually plan for Bike to work started from the first time I have a bike. But, It's hard to resist feeling lazy because usually I wake up at 7 AM.. but if Bike to Work I should wake up earlier about 5.30AM... it means that i should sleep earlier too..

finally.... i can realize my plan Bike to Work at 23 march 2010... wake up at 5.45 then do some preparation.. drink milk and eat "pisang coklat" then starting bike to the office at 6.27, to prevent feel bored on my way to the office... I listen to the music using my handphone....

after get to the office at 7.20... the office still closed.. I wait about 10 minutes then the person who bring the key come to the office and open the door. Little bit confuse where i can park my bike, but the office boy said "parkir aja pak di ruang genset"... nice idea i think.. and he help me to park my bike at generator room..

after enter the office I go to bathroom immediately and take a bath... it's weird that take a bath on the office but.. i think... it's better than I should work with sweat in my body...
after take a bath It's still 7.40 hahaha..

some people little bit surprised that I come to the office earlier, because usually i arrived at the office at 8.20/8.25 hehehe.... but soon they realized that I used bicycle and they think that I could bring the office key because I come to the office earlier.. (hope that they not do what they think (give me the office key))

Date : 23/03/2010
route : Mangga 2 Square - Kota - Glodok - Harmoni - Tomang - Cideng - Tanah Abang (fly over) - Slipi Jaya (fly over) - Kemanggisan (BiNus)
time : 19.57 - 20.55 (58 minutes)
condition : light rain

out from the office about 17.45 go to Mangga Dua mall and meet some friend from old office then dinner together @Amigos (Agak MInggir GOt Sedikit) in front of Mangga dua Mall.

many good comment when they see me using bike... it make me feel more confidence for bike to work.. :)

after finished dinner plan to going home.. but I got a little bit problem... because the it's rain.. Oh no.. why the rain come when I go to office using bicycle.. but.. it just light rain.. then.. I forced my self to go home through the rain..

finally... after cycling about 1 hour i got to the boarding house with a dirty state.
Immediately I cleaned the bike and take a bath then sleep.. because feel so tired.. :)

thas all my story about my first B2W experience

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